The Echo Room

Brendan Cleary (ed.) et al

The Echo Room magazine originally ran for 19 never-to-be-forgotten issues in the 80s and 90s and is back with a poetic vengeance! Re-invented for the 21st century The Echo Room includes some of the most spellbinding poets writing today.

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Originally from Northern Ireland, Brendan Cleary is one of the UK’s most instinctively gifted poets and a master in the artistry of teaching poetry. Brendan’s re-creation of The Echo Room in association with Pighog Press provides us with fascinating insights into the art and politics of poetry. The newly relaunched The Echo Room contains poems by Simon Armitage, Sarah Jackson, Geoff Hattersly, Helen Mort, Matthew Caley and many more.

Contributions are welcome. By post to The Echo Room, c/o Pighog Press, P O Box 145, Brighton, BN1 6YU; or as a Word doc or PDF attached to an email to

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